What is Tameana Crystal Healing?

Tameana is a Pleidian channelled energetic healing technique.

It is doorway in to us, and to our awareness. Tameana, the sacred triangle, or Salush Nahi, was defined as a practice that came from the stars in Ancient Lemuria.

The technique requires a simple pyramidal structure combined with crystals with a grand capacity to concentrate large amounts of energy.

It is then precisely directed according to the level of vibration that is being worked with.


A Powerful Transformational Process

It analyzes the vibration structure of the patient in order to modify it, allowing them to be in sync with the universe.

It was taught by the Pleidians as a simple practice that could be transmitted to large amounts of people in a short amount of time.

Tameana acts like a doorway that takes us to understand the relationship with everything; it summons in us the will to reach fulfilment, stimulating inside of us a transformational process on many levels.



Where Did Tameana Come From?

Tameana was founded by Juan Manuel Giordano, his intention was to anchor and establish a vibrational platform that improves the energetic and vibrational movement of consciousness.

By anchoring these frequencies in people the effects rippling outward will mean that it is felt by many.

It has been taught in many countries and now more recently in the UK.

Practitioners are still very few in numbers here, but growing.



Benefits of Tameana Sessions

  • Deeply relaxing
  • Relieves stress
  • Releases blockages
  • Raises our vibration
  • Raises our consciousness
  • Intense internal transformation
  • Awakens the I AM SEED in our soul
  • Helps us to be in balance with everything around us
    Enables us to see our perspective from a different reality
  • Helps the body be in tune with the planets electromagnetic frequency


What Happens in a Tameana Session?

A session is in essence, a profound energetic work, deeply moving the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of us.

A session is approximately 45 to 60 minutes long.

The therapeutic process is different for each session. The intensity of the vibration applied will depend on the energetic information sought at the beginning of the session.

This will determine in what dimension the energetic synchronicity occurs.

There are 7 vibrational levels, and the energetic work is done in either 4th of 5th dimension.




Testimonials for Tameana

Had about 6 sessions of Tameana, i found this treatment absolutely amazing it has changed my life. Antoinette is an amazing therapist and teacher whom in very happy to recommend to friends and family.

I personally love Tameana.

M Brennan

Just wanted to say; a big thank you for the Tameana Crystal healing.  Didn’t know what to expect and maybe a little scared, but what an amazing experience.

Found out a lot about myself and clearing my head, body, and soul as they say. Snoozing and feeling relaxed after the treatment too. Thank you for all your knowledge and help.

A beautiful and relaxing experience.

M Kannur



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