Going back into past lives

During past life regression we use several methods to gently help the mind to draw back the veil of separation between our subconscious, which remembers earlier parts of our existence, and out conscious mind.

Hypnosis is the main modality used, but meditation, dream analysis and journaling all support and link it too. This journey to earlier incarnations of our soul illuminates our personality and character traits much more brightly and may bring about great healing both emotionally and sometimes physically too.


How does regression feel?

Most find the experience pleasant, calming and extremely relaxing. No two people will experience regression in the same way.

Some will access their past lives easily; some it will take more time. For some answers are found in one lifetime, for others a series of sessions may work better.

Post regression

Once a person has engaged in a past life, it is usual for them to assimilate more information and thoughts thoughts about it over the days to come. Mediation, journaling, and dreams allow the subconscious mind to release more information.

In my experience many can search dates, names, and country ties from the information that has been revealed. This can be very healing, as it can often reveal hidden blocks that need to be released. Knowledge of self is key to healing.


Past Life Ceremonies


A very popular fully immersive Past life regression with the spiritual element, with blue lotus tea, oils, music, meditation, healing, and sound healing. Oracle card and crystal

These are in groups or 1-2-1 sessions, and last approximately 3 hours.

This is a good introduction if you are open to finding out more, but like the support of a group setting, although still a deep dive, there’s not an interactive conversation during the regression. Always time for shared feedback, which quite often reveals more during the conversation.

Past Life Ceremony Cost

  • Group £33
  • Private 1-2-1 £200

This is set up exactly as it would be in a group but includes a full healing session. This is a much more interactive session, and often more information is revealed. A truly beautiful healing experience.

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