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About Sarumi – Practicing Since 2001

Based in North London, Antoinette Olaide is the founder of Sarumi MediSpa. She has been a practicing Reiki healer and holistic health therapist for over 21 years.

In that time she has had extensive training, and gained many qualifications, she feels very blessed to be able to follow her life purpose, and work in service to others in such a profound way. It is a privilege, and feels honoured when clients allow her to be a part of their healing journey.

antoinette sarumi medispa

Passion for Healing

Her passion for healing and improving clients health and well being has lead her to become a Reiki master. Teaching regularly she is able to pass on all the knowledge all she had gained in this modality, helping people to heal themselves and others.

She has also added further high vibration healing Modalities such as Arcturian Reiki, Tameana crystal healing, Shamanic, and Crystal healing, which further helps those on their spiritual journey.

Spiritual Coaching

Antoinette also works as a Hypnotherapist, for stress, anxiety, weight loss, and other conditions, she specialises in past life regression. She is a also a spiritual meditation guide, and a spiritual coach.

She hosts regular Past life regression ceremonies, meditation groups, and spiritual self discovery workshops in London.


Retreats – Mind | Body | Soul… Self Transformation

Antoinette, offering healing and sound healing, also collaborates with two other therapists Paige Bond, a mindset meditation coach, and Shannon pike an Empowerment Coach, to offer Retreats in the New forest.

The synergy of meditation, empowerment coaching, along with high vibration Reiki healing, and sound healing is a gentle yet extremely powerful way for those on the retreats to soothe the mind, body & soul, and work on their self transformation in a safe and supported way. The feed back from the retreats has been amazing.

SARUMI MEDISPA has over 20 years experience and continuous training in providing all the professional treatements outlined on our website.

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